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Our first tutorial sessions took place in serviced offices in Oxford, founded by Dr Dharod in 2013. Dr Dharod is a practicing medic, lecturer and an ex-examiner, ex-moderator for renowned examination boards in the UK. Dr Dharod has vast experience in teaching medical and under-graduates students.We are proud to be trained by examiners and ex-moderators, therefore are unique in offering strategic and right level of teaching to enhance learning in students and aid them in achieving students to obtain higher grades. Our students are often accepted by renowned Russell group of Universities.

We started as a family run business and are proud in expanding world-wide offering our expertise and helping students achieve their dream. With high demand and in current environment where students have missed vital school time during COVID lockdowns, parents have found their child struggling to catch up and missed on their foundations. Every session therefore is tailored to ensure we explain building their foundations so they are able to apply their knowledge. Students often lack applying their understanding in exam questions, we therefore ensure from our pack of exam style questions they get topic wise practice with offering them valuable exam techniques and strategies to solve questions efficiently to score higher grades.

We are now offering intense revision courses during Easter, Christmas, Summer and half term holidays.

We have expanded by offering Vacation hands-on courses with work experience for our international clients.

Feel assured we follow COVID-19 infection prevention and control guidance. 

Please feel free to call us on 08000614395 or email us at enquiry@medscience.co.uk for more information.



Our approach is strategic & effective, we start with a free no – obligation assessment of student’s ability. We assess where students weaknesses and strengths are. After which our experienced examiner will personalise a study plan to maximise student’s potential.

We take proud in

  • Our experienced staff
  • Strategic examiner trained tutors
  • Tutors with degree from reputed UK Universities
  • DBS checked tutors
  • Tutors standards maintained with our monthly training
  • Weekly tests
  • Tailored sessions to suit to students strengths and weaknesses
  • Students from the age of 7 to 18 years
  • UK Curriculum and many examination boards
  • 11+ , 13+ Entrance & medical entrance exam preparation
  • Key stage 1 – 3 tuitions and tutorials
  • GCSE/IGCSE tuitions or tutorials
  • A level and IB tuitions or tutorials
  • Flexible sessions online, home and at our centres
  • Online & text reminders of your sessions

If you Have Any Questions Call Us On (0044)8000614395