We choose our tutors very carefully and ensure that they are full DBS checked. Tutors have a monthly training to ensure, we uphold our high standards. Tutors are trained by examiners and ex-moderators therefore are always informed on strategic teaching. Tutors are only part of our team if they are empathic, knowledgeable, passionate, experts and flexible.

Visit our tutors login page and register your expertise subject, we recommend you add your photo, CV and mention your availability. We aim to get in touch within a weeks time. If you do not have a full DBS, we can apply for your enhanced DBS. We recommend you read our code of conduct, Confidentiality and freelance agreement.

We aim to offer our tutors fare and competitive fees based on their experience.

Tutors code of conduct

Tutors and Staff employed with us should at all times be mindful of the fact that they are working with young and vulnerable people. While the centre often encourages support of students beyond strictly academic areas, there are some important code of conduct guidelines which would like tutors to strictly be mindful of and abide by them.

Please find our tutors code of conduct agreement


Tutors Confidentiality

As our employee tutors must take full responsibility to follow the tutors code of conduct. Tutors need to maintain the confidentiality of the staff members, students and of the company. All materials, training and resources provided are under copyright of Medscience Group Ltd and must not be breached.

Please find our Tutor confidentiality agreement


Tutors Freelance agreement

We offer our tutors a freelance agreement, where you are not bound to teaching for us. As long as the confidentiality is maintained and freelance agreement is acknowledged we are happy for tutors to be a part of our team.

Please find our freelance working agreement


If you Have Any Questions Call Us On (0044)8000614395