After School Clinics

Medscience ™ after school clinics are very popular, where parents can drop their child to our centre or we can arrange collect and drop from school/home straight to our centre. We understand life of working parents and their ambition to provide their children with best possible education. Students often complete their daily homework and troubleshoot with our tutors there and then getting their doubts rectified on the same day.

How it works

  1. Students are either picked from school or we collect them and drop to our centre
  2. They come and start going through their homework in science & maths
  3. 1.5 h sessions each day they can do their school homework and troubleshoot with our tutors
  4. We drop students to their home or can be picked by parents
  5. Monthly Progress reports

At our centre

Students visit our centre every alternate day or every day and they can go through their daily homework in science and maths for 1.5 h. After which students will troubleshoot with our tutors who are trained by Oxford examiners and ex-moderators. We believe it is imperative to analyse and evaluate the mistakes made by students there and then and therefore offer 30 mins of troubleshoot session. Every stage the students progression is mapped in our unique students progression monitoring software.


Our fees varies in the range of £15 – 45 per hour subject to location.


We understand parents busy lives lacking travel time, drop offs and pick ups after school. We therefore have made provision to book for transportation ideal for families in regional and remote areas. The charges vary in different location so please do let us know when making an enquiry. All our drivers are DBS checked.


To apply please call or send your enquiry by filling out our application form