Monthly subscription

We offer our students after school study sessions at our centre with our monthly subscription, where in there will always be a tutor available. The group size often will be 4-6 students

In the monthly subscription, we offer 2 sessions for 1.5 hour per week. In total therefore students get to 3h per week on two different days. Our monthly subscription runs term-time and in vacation. Students would come to our centre which is centrally located. We do offer families an option to freeze their subscription if they prefer their child to take time off during their holidays. We require 15 days notice in order to freeze your subscription.

Our monthly subscription price is £99.99 for 12h a month.

Our students are from the age of 11 to 18 years of age. We are experts in offering Maths and Science sessions for GCSE/IGCSE, A level and IB students. We do welcome any students from the age of 11+

  • Benefits of our monthly subscription

  • regular troubleshoot addressed

  • Strategic exam questions practice

  • Nail in exam key words with Mark schemes

  • Flexible days

  • Central location of our centres

  • Students can get help with their homework

  • Continuous feedback and improvement

  • Monthly report

If you Have Any Questions Call Us On (0044)8000614395