About us

We guarantee education & learning in Science and Maths

We believe,

“Success is never accidental it is a result of several elements together from hard work, perseverance to strategic approaches to learning”.

Our first tutorial sessions took place in serviced offices in Oxford, founded by Dr Dharod. We are proud to be trained by examiners and ex-moderators, therefore are unique to offer strategic and right level of teaching to enhance learning in students. We believe every child has the right to learn and exhale in science and maths. Medscience ™ tutors takes pride in providing training to students who have aimed to be doctors, dentists, physician, mathematician, veterinarians, nutritionist, scientists and neurobiologists.

We understand that strong foundations in sciences and maths are imperative in child’s lifelong learning

♦ Our aim is to get the best out of student and work them to their highest potential

♦ Strategic examination preparation by our tutors trained by oxford examiners can aid higher results

Our tutors are :

⇒ DBS checked

⇒ trained by Oxford examiners & ex-moderators

⇒ Motivated and passionate

⇒ Follow our proven methods

⇒ Tailor teaching to suit child’s needs


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